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FireFly is a realtime order control interface, specifically designed around our MRO & Airline Industry partners, offering seamless and transparent procurement transactions from start to finish.

As one of Europe's leading Aircraft consumable suppliers, PDQ Airspares prides itself on developing and maintaining good customer relationships through effective communication. FireFly is yet another ConsumableCare solution maintaining trust between Customer and Supplier- something we feel is key to the success of any maintenance operation.

We don't keep our customers in the dark!

Contact PDQ today, to discuss a ConsumableCare solution for your maintenance operation!

Note: You do not need a login account to use our QuikAOG service

who is it for?

Firefly is primarily a free service provided for Customers who have an existing Consignment or JIT Supply contract in place. It also provides access to material certification relating to items supplied through these services.

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